Crew Training & Development

We always concern about our officers and crews to upgrade their ability. All candidates need to attend every training and sit four exam test. All of our training will help them to improve their skill and knowledge. Following are our three type of training,

  1. English speaking training
  2. Social dealing and self- medical care training
  3. STCW Courses and Training
English speaking training

English language is International usage and we believed that very important to communicate in each other.Therefore we train our seafarers depend on their level and ask them to six exam test for step by step to upgrade course.

Social dealing and self- medical care training

Working on ship is a “team effort.” A “one-man show” cannot run the whole ship. In order to Perform operations smoothly and safety on board ships, good interpersonal relations among seafarers is a must. Therefore our trainers are train how to co-operate each other onboard, and make happy society with friendship.ect..,

Health is important for our humanity concern. Every healthy seafarers can be do their duties in perfect.At training our trainers give them sharing knowledge each other for how to self-medical care on board ship and at shore.

STCW Courses and Training

As per STCW convention,we have to provide necessary training in both martial powers and mental facilities for all of our crew members so that they may one day become able leaders and efficient workers. Therefore we have STCW Courses For our seafarers and some are link-up with other training center.