OCEANUS Shipping crew management is a fast growing and people-driven organization that firmly believes individual excellence translates into Organizational accomplishments. The company overall objective is provide stability and continuity of personnel, bringing significant benefits to the performance of a prospective owner/ship manager/client's fleet.

To consistently uphold its role as the premier manning agency operated by a dynamic, dedicated and competent workforce fully prepared to meet the changes of the time and provide our customers with high quality, cost efficient and personalized crewing services with complete satisfaction in all aspects.

Recruiting Qualified Seamen-

All candidates are screened carefully and undergo psychological examinations, to ensure our Principal and Clients the most competent qualified seafarers available. The hand on hand with the selection process based upon the Owner/Principal's criteria a smooth and satisfying experience on authorization by the ship owner/ship manager to recruit a seafarer and we are responsible to:

Medical Examinations

Our qualified seafarer has to undergo a Pre-Employment Medical and Drug & Alcohol examination under STCW, and Company's Pre-employment medical standard test to ensure through by our accredited Medical Clinic/hospital. This is to ensure our Principals and Clients that the following qualified seafarers deployed were emotionally, psychologically, mentally, physically fit and drug free with fit to work at onboard.

Positive Work Ethics

We Promoto the right values and attitudes needed in their line of work through the Culture Management Skills and Values Formation as well as thorough Ship-owner specific briefings for their safety measure and proper decorum in their respective work area.

Pre-Departure Orientation

The OCEANUS Shipping conducts the required pre-departure orientation briefing to crewmembers. Included in topics being discussed during pre-departure are the types of vessels they will board, their respective duties and responsibilities, background of the company and the importantly the company code to avoid sea accidents, proper decorum and protocol expected from them as competent seamen. It is also gives emphasis on the obligation, dedication and loyalty to the vessel and its owner, superiors, cargo, passengers and crewmembers.


OCEANUS Shipping's trained administrative personnel who are in the operating and crewing business with experience on all aspects of documentation processing, visas, Ticketing, accessing different Government offices more particularly at Department of Marine Administration and other government agencies directly and indirectly connected with deployment of seafarers onboard.

Manning Program

For the smooth recruitment and deployment, crew will keep updating on monthly basis for rotation program for crew deployment Schedule. OCEANUS Shipping prepare for the list of crew who are onboard and their respective vacation date. Also prepare the list of crew who are require for improvement with undergo further training or upgrading knowledge/Skills to assist the decision fill up and prepare proper rotation from rotation from pool of the crew line up to qualify of seafarer cross fleet.